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Small boonioo’s breeder you live in symbiosis with your cute little friends. But when the danger gets closer, when your life is in danger you have to choose: accept your cruel fate, or sacrifice your companions to assure your survival.


Control :

-Move : WASD

-Generic Interaction : Left Click

-Use your boonioo : Right Click on them

Downloads and Links


Team :

-(@Blix) Etienne Lagarde - Website

 -(@GiGiChef) Gabriel Girard - Soundcloud

-(@Pacha) Sarah Girardot - Artstation

-Jules Sornay - Artstation

-(@Ravengar) Justin Nony - Website

This game was made in 72h for the Ludum Dare 43.

Theme was "Sacrifices must be made"


Technology :


-Autodesk Maya

-Adobe Audition

-Adobe Photoshop





BuildBoonioo.zip 32 MB

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