Lost Impact


All murders are different but have the same consequence. You're an outstanding ballistic agent. On the murder scenes find out how many bullets were shot and try to reproduce the crime scene.



This game was made for the pizza jam

We choose the theme Beyond the Truth of Impact (level116)


-Move : WASD

-Shoot/Interact :Left Click


Team :

-(@Blix) Etienne Lagarde-Website

-(@Ravengar) JustinNony-Website

-Maxime Bougnoux

-(@Pandi-Wandi) Manon Boutarfa-Artstation

-(@Jezzos) Chloé Morel-Artstation

Music used link


Technology :


-Autodesk Maya

-Adobe Photshop


LostImpact.rar 35 MB


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I really want to play this game but it's really difficult to do so because he curser doesn't lock into the game.

Good concept bug very buggy :/

The game was really fun and had a great concept, hope the game gets further development. Great Work!

I recorded and edited the gameplay video last night and I have to say, I really love what I'm seeing here. The concept was well thought and original, just wish it wasn't so short. The game has a few bugs and moments where the hitmarker doesn't want to register, but it was still a neat and fun game to play.

I really hope you work more on this game or make a sequel because I think this is a game that a lot of people would love to play that's new for a change. Thanks for making this game!

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Thanks for your lovely comment and your video! Sorry for crappy bugs and lifetime of the game (thats game jams you know :p). We will definitely work on it to make it more clean and longer when we will have the time.

You are very welcome! The bugs and the length of the game didn’t really bother me all that much because it wasn’t anything game breaking but I really did love the concept of the game for sure.

Can’t wait to see the future of this game :D

Hi, we have start the developpement of a game based on this prototype so, if you still enjoy it you can follow our adventure on this twitter page : https://twitter.com/Coven_Team?lang=fr

Just followed! Can't wait to see the final product :)

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Controls are wonky because it doesn't really warp a cursor and it smashes against the edges of the screen(